Recharged Our Batteries

September 3, 2020

What caused the need to rebrand?

Our team spent the last 16-20 months listening to our clients' and potential clients feedback. The general comment that was received was 'could not tear you apart from the others'. As a team, we began narrowing down our services and case studies and started to look at our strengths. The big question that we kept asking ourselves was 'why do we exist?' and 'what are we trying to achieve?'.

We studied the story of Bezalel and Oholiab in the Bible and saw ways we could replicate the story in today's agency's world using our ability and intelligence to devise great designs through our crafts.

What was challenging about the process?

I worked closely with 3 web developers for the last 9 months trying to create a new website that made communicating to potential clients easier and convenient. However, trying to design a website that doesn't replicate what other similar agencies are doing was challenging to say the least, but the aim was to present enough information as possible.

We're committed to this change, and believe it will serve us better!

Jennifer Falowo

Creative Partner