International Women's Day: #balanceforbetter

March 8, 2019

How can you incorporate ‘balance for better’ within the design and advertising industry?

Here at Dsgn & Co., we’re embodying a platform for women to have a voice and an opinion, and where we're able to move away from the early traditional years of our unconscious biases, and let us start to believe there is room for women to step up and lead, and create an equal balance in the industry.

One of our core values in our agency is ‘cohesion’, in the hope of bridging the gender gap and seeing everyone as an equal.

Why do you think there is a scarcity of women directors/management team in the design and advertising industry?

There are several factors that I believe comes into play with this question, but one of them is the perception most have within the industry. The statistics tell us that men are still dominating the industry, and fewer women are stepping up, but why is this?

We’re moving away from an era of patriarchy, and the industry is closely linked with ‘craftsmanship’ and ‘technology’, both that perceive the notion of ‘masculinity’. More women are being interviewed for admin/account roles than leadership roles, and then we have women who settle for where they are and never climb to the top (which is OK), but implementing a wider talent pool, enhanced collaboration and improved recruitment system helps improve diversity.

One of my advice for women who are trying to make it into the leadership positions or boardroom, don’t sell yourself short, brag more!

Jennifer Falowo

Creative Partner