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On Track: Five Impactful Instagram Trends for 2019

January 31, 2019

Since our last entry, we've been exploring new ways to keep your brand on track for growth in 2019. Each year a cloud of uncertainty looms over us and we consider what key trends will emerge. Every year a new algorithm appears online and impacts the way we use social media. It could either be the difference between scaling it upwards or downwards.

We could spend all day trying to cover all the latest trends on social media. But we thought it would be a great idea to focus on Instagram.

Below you'll find five ways you can implement these trends into your strategy.

1. Hashtags

Unlike other platforms, Instagram continues to innovate how business use social media. The hashtag will play a big part in how brands conduct their campaigns.

On Instagram, most users utilise hashtags to boost the reach of their content. If done properly, it can bring an array of benefits, which range from building user-generated content to creating a viral campaign.

We can see a lot of brands integrating this trend into their communication plan. Sprite's #SpriteCran is an example of good practice.

2. Advertising

We've seen a shift from print advertisements (e.g. newspapers) to digital adverts. Platforms such as Google and Instagram are now dominating the advertising space.

Instagram Stories ads, however, will soon become an essential part of advertising in the new year.

The fact these adverts are mostly visual rather than copy based is a big factor. It works out better for brands because of the way it seamlessly appears in your story rather than your feed.

3. Nano Influencers

In recent years, we've seen a lot of brands employ influencer marketing into their campaigns. We expect it to continue in 2019, however, on a different scale.

Nano influencers have become the target for brands looking to tap into new voices, as pointed out in The Guardian. It's been proven that nano influencers have a better connection with their followers.

We consider it may have an impact on the way brands choose to connect with consumers. So we advise you to jump on the bandwagon before it's too late.


Instagram launched a vertical video feature in the form of IGTV, which grants users access to long-length videos.

In 2021, mobile videos will account for up 78% of mobile data traffic. If this is indicative of anything, it's that Instagram is aware of the value video content will bring.

Although IGTV isn't naturally suited to big brands or corporates, it presents an open lane for smaller-size brands to exploit.

5. Instagram Shopping

The biggest and, in our opinion, the best addition is Instagram's shopping feature.

It's a no brainer how this feature will simplify the shopping process.

Part of the key to selling is to make the experience as easy as possible for the customer. It seems like Instagram has nailed this by integrating direct shopping links into posts and stories.

Raymond Taiwo

Account Manager