Suya! Suya!

Reimagining the London scene through music, chit-chat and eat.

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Suya! Suya!


Food & Drink


Visual Identity

Brand Creation

Packaging Design

Art Direction


The Brief

Suya! Suya! is London's newest food spot based upon the cuisine of West Africa. Providing a space for live DJ's, chat and chill and EAT! The challenge we were given was to not only create a disruptive brand but to create an unconventional and distinctive brand that diverges away from the 'stereotype', 'traditional methods' and the 'normal'.

The Opportunity

Our team wanted to bring flexibility to the design, allowing the design to encourage diversity and atmosphere. We shied away from the stereotypical cliches of 'Aztec' and 'patterns' often connected with Africa, and instead glorified the style of graphics used across different types of music vinyl covers of Nigerian music artists' more in particular Fela Kuti.

Photography by Andre Castellucci
Deborah Fakehinde
Managing Partner

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