Chop 'N' Go

Disturbing London with it's punching African & Caribbean flavours.

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Chop 'N' Go


Food and Drink


Visual Identity


Social Content


The Brief

Chop 'N' Go is a new street food brand, and is aiming to disturb London with it's punching African & Caribbean flavours. Chop 'N' Go approached our team with their business needs and aspirations. The founder was born and grew up in West Africa up till the age of seven and wanted to create a brand that envisioned 'heritage' from the African & Caribbean culture. Street food is a growing industry in London — so how can we help a new street food vendor stand out in a disruptive market?

The Opportunity

We used the opportunity to look into African art in Western Museums, through this approach we were heavily influenced by African and West Indian sculptures and craftsmanship. Our team was able to produce an identity that celebrates bold art intending to disrupt London and neighbouring cities.

Deborah Fakehinde
Managing Partner

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